5 Tips When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Service

A healthy and safe work environment is important for both the employees and employers. The space of the office is exposed to dirt and dust, and minimal cleaning like dusting won’t remove the stubborn dirt. Thorough cleaning is important, and with that, every company should hire a professional of Carpet Cleaning Middlesbrough. There are many benefits of hiring such professionals, the question is, how you look for one. Follow the tips below.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Check their Reputation 

When looking at a commercial cleaning service company, make sure that you ask for references from people you trust. Once you got the names, check the company’s reputation. Don’t solely rely on the testimonials posted on the website or advertisements. Check the other business’ review of a particular company. The people you will ask for referrals shouldn’t be a family member of the company. They should own a business like you do and hired a cleaning service before. You can also check out the reviews they have on their social media accounts (if they have one), and watch out for those superficial reviews.  

Verify the People They’re Going to Send In 

There are cleaning service companies that hire people and pay them under the table. Most of these companies offer you a really low price, but outsources people from different company that doesn’t give you the high quality you deserve. Check the company’s license, which is very important. Verify that their cleaning crew is part of the licensed company. If they outsource from other companies, check that company’s license too.  

Check Insurance 

In a field like commercial cleaning, insurance is a must. You wouldn’t know what would happen while the crew is cleaning. The company should have insurance that can cover any medical expenses if one of the crew gets into accident while doing the job. They should also have insurance that cover any damaged property or belongings. If the company doesn’t have insurance, this is already a warning sign that you should hire them. They might give you a service in a cheap price, but can you risk spending more if something goes bad.  

Ask About their Process  

Even if you’re expert in their field, you should also do your part by asking the company about their expertise in different cleaning processes. Of course, they would claim that they are experts. But as the business owner, you should ask the company about how familiar they are with the types of surfaces they’re going to work with. The crew that the company is going to send out should be familiar with the types of surfaces you have in your office.  

Ask for Written Estimates 

There are companies who offer you a lower price upfront, but then when payment time comes, they would give you a list of extra charges you’re going to pay. Before you sign a contract, make sure that you ask for a written estimate first. This would ensure you that there would be no hidden charges.  

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