Basics you Need to Know About Nylon and Olefin Carpet Fibers

Carpets are certainly one of the best furnishings you can add to your home. Carpets give its owners a lot of benefits; mainly, carpets give us comfort with its soft fibers wherein we can just lie down or sit on it if we like. Carpets also have other benefits, like it can add style and color to your interiors, it can also act as a cushion to accidental falls and slips, among many others. 

While we all agree that carpets give us a lot of advantage, we are often divided as to what kinds of carpet fibers to buy. If you are a first-time carpet buyer and doesn’t know what kind of carpet to buy, then this article will help you, it contains information on the basics you need to know about nylon and olefin carpet fibers.  

Carpet Fibers

1. Nylon

Nylon is one of the most widely used carpet fibers today. The main advantage of nylon carpet fibers is that it is durable and doesn’t wear out easily. If it is crushed for long periods of time or stretched for up to 30 percent longer than its length, it can still recover its shape easily. Because of this property, nylon is often used in areas of your home that receives a lot of foot traffic.  

Another advantage of nylon is that it is non-absorbent, meaning it only absorbs small amounts of moisture; in fact, it can only absorb water less than 8 percent of its weight. Furthermore, if applied with appropriate amounts of heat, nylon carpet fibers can retain its original crisp, and curls. 

Nylon does not have a lot of disadvantages, because it is not as expensive as other carpet fibers, and your money will be worth it for what you will pay for. One disadvantage though is that almost all nylon is acid dyed, which means it will have issues on fading, bleaching, reactions with urine, etc. 

2. Olefin

Olefin is one of the more recent manufactured material for carpet fibers, and as time passes, it is gaining popularity. The main advantage of olefin is that it is water and stain resistant. Olefin can only absorb less than one percent of its weight on water, and also because of this property, it is not easily affected by stains. Another advantage is that olefin is a very light weight material, you can drag your carpet and move it around as you pleased. 

Like all other carpet fibers, olefin also has its disadvantages. Its main disadvantage is that it is not as resilient as other carpet fibers like the nylon. When you decide to put olefin fibers in high traffic areas, what will happen is that it will be flattened due to the steps and it won’t easily recover its shape. Furthermore, when you put furniture on top of it, the weight of the furniture would create a permanent mark upon the carpet.  

When you decide to purchase a carpet with either nylon or olefin carpet fibers, it is also important to remember that carpets also need constant cleaning regardless of its material. If you need professional carpet cleaning, visit this site